Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My Gifts; My Responsibilities

Orig: 11/20/07

Tuesday, Week 25 Maintenance and Preservation

Do not neglect your gift, which was given you. -- 1Tim4:14

With a gift comes responsibility, whether it be spiritual or physical. The more valuable something is, the more maintenance, protection, and preservation it needs. We are wrong to think that because of God's grace we bear no responsibility for spiritual gifts, that God will simply take care of everything with no effort required on our part. He certainly is there to assist us, but he will not do what we are able to do -- in this case, to devote ourselves to study, prayer, and worship.

"Do not neglect your gift," the apostle said. The opposite of neglect is maintain. Thus, the instructions might be understood as "Maintain the gift that is in you." Paul was reminding Timothy that he was to be a steward of what had ben placed in him by God. Now it was his own responsibility to care for this spiritual heirloom.
Like Timothy, you have been entrusted with precious gifts. These gifts will not be used to their fullest unless you fulfill your responsibility to give them the proper maintenance and care. Listen to God; he will tell you what to do. After all, he's the manufacturer. He wrote the owner's manual.

Lord, you have given me valuable gifts to care for. Help me to be aware of my responsibilities. I am listening for your instructions.
Between Sundays - Shawn Craig

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