Saturday, November 28, 2009

Our Choices

My recent Letter to the Editor made it into print on Thanksgiving day. Another thing to be thankful for, I guess. It had a positive outlook, and maybe that helped with the publishing decision. I'm a bit torn, however, in feelings that I might have preferred the publishing of the ones below.

Orig: 11/16/08

I’d know we were on the right course if our politicians could sincerely say the following:

“We encourage all Americans to join with us in giving thanks for the many blessings of this country, and as we pray for God’s continued blessings on us all. And we, as your elected officials, promise Him, and you, that we will strive ever harder this year to work together as one. We promise to talk AND HUMBLY LISTEN to our families, our churches, and all Americans—of every party, church, race, income, and age -- confident that we are all blessed with some degree of Wisdom that would benefit us, your representatives, to hear AND TO UNDERSTAND.
We all want what is right and good for every member of this country, and we promise to once again earn your confidence that we can make that happen. So help us God.”

If I heard this said, I would have much to give thanks for.

Orig: 11/21/08
Our Choices

Some chose to stretch the trading rules to make lots of money; others lost money on their trades.

Some chose to give mortgages to people who could not afford them to “help the poor”; the ultimate givers of that money are now the poor, and can give no more.

Some chose an abortion to ease the stress in their life; with 40 million fewer citizens, America is now an aging country which cannot support its elderly.

Our moral decisions, our life, our bodies, our choices. Is it really true that our choices affected no one but ourselves?

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