Monday, December 14, 2009

Where Can I Put Love?

from Living Faith December 14:

Remember no more the sins of my youth; remember me only in light of your love. Psalm 25:7

I have prayed this psalm many times in my life, but today this line jumped out at me. We are asking God to forget the sins of our youth (and midlife and old age) and to remember us "only in light of your love." Wow! That's a big request! But Jesus has revealed to us that God does just that: God forgets our sin and remembers us in love. Jesus' beautiful parable of the Prodigal Son illustrates this incredible truth.

But next comes the difficult part. We are called to love others as God loves us. This means we must forget the sins of others -- that ungrtateful child, that cranky spouse, that inconsiderate neighbor. No revenge. No brooding. No silent treatment. Forget it! Then we must remember these individuals only in light of our love.

The saint we celebrate today, St. John of the Cross, said, "Where there is no love, put love and there you will find love." Where can I put some love today?

God of forgetting and remembering, teach me to love like you.
Sr. Melannie Svoboda, S.N.D.

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