Sunday, January 31, 2010


It is late at night; the air is cold outside, not a night to venture out on some casual errand. It is a night to stay home near the fireplace, to pull the blankets up next to your chin, to find a spot to stay toasty warm.

The full moon shines brightly in the crystal clear sky, a reminder to some of the great ones who see in it the reflected love of Christ. It also is a light, to some, which illumines a path they wish to follow. While dim to others, for them it is a bright reminder of the God of heaven, and earth. They want to be with Him.

And so I am sometimes surprised at the unexpected visitor, late on a cold night, who opens the door to the Adoration Chapel to join me, and Him, for a few quiet moments. The visitor kneels in silent prayer, and perhaps even lays spread out, face down, in humble adoration. A visitor who comes to say “good night” to his Lord and God? Or perhaps one who comes to ask forgiveness for the errors of his day? I do not know. I admire, however, each and every one. They come alone, late at night, no one to see them except me, a stranger – and of course, the One they visit.

The Walton’s John-boy yelled “Good night, Erin”; the husband leaned over and said softly “Good night, honey” to his spouse. The visitor however says “Good night” in silence to his God. How loved God must feel by those who venture out for a special visit on such a cold night, for such a little thing, just to say good night.

Sometimes a young couple visits, usually one more solemn in prayer than the other. Still, they come together, to end their evening with Him. Do they tell Him about their night? Do they ask His blessing on their time together? Do they ask His blessing on their future? I do not know; they pray in silence for a time, then bow and leave. Of all the late night visitors, I admire them the most. They put aside something very important to them, each other, to tell God they think Him even more important. I wish all my priorities were as this example they set before me.

Visitors come late in the night to adore their God; a brief distraction for me, yet an inspiration. From the Magi to now, I thank God for all His visitors. Even me.


  1. I love the peace and intimacy of the Holy Hour of Adoration.
    This is a lovely post
    But I'm confused. Where are your comments? Do you remove them after reading? I see post after post displaying no comments, and I'm sure that can't be so. Such beautiful writing as yours must surely draw many comments.

    I noticed you have an email where you can be contacted. So I went back into my blog and made my contact visible. Thanks for the nudge.
    God Bless you
    You have written volumes in just a few months. You amaze me. Even more God amazes me in His gracious gifts to mere men.

  2. Perhaps my readers meditate over my words, and don't worry about giving me their comments, but give them to God. If so, that pleases me much.