Sunday, December 5, 2010

Local Good Cheer

I’m a little too busy tonight to write my usual deep meditation here tonight (insert laugh track, please), so I thought I’d show you some of the work of my local United Way, which I support with my meager talents. I think they do an outstanding job, and this is just one of their events.

Every year around this time the Plymouth Whalers, a local minor league hockey team, designates a night for the “Teddy Bear Toss.” Fans are invited to bring a teddy bear to the game and toss it onto the ice with the scoring of the home team’s first goal. To really appreciate this you just have to be there, as the red light starts flashing “GOAL!” and it begins raining teddy bears onto all the players on the ice, hundreds of teddy bears, from little My First Teddy Bear toys to ones so big you could sit them next to you in the car.

While the players take a break, out come the snow shovels to capture all the bears. The Plymouth Community United Way takes the bears to the Salvation Army and other charities to be given to kids in need. I’m so proud of the Karmanos family Whaler team owners, the team players, and the United Way workers who make the event possible. (The Whalers won the game 4-1).

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