Saturday, December 4, 2010


As I pulled into the restaurant parking lot this morning the radio announcer mentioned the “critical” action taking place in Congress today. The politicians were there on a Saturday so they could write, re-write, debate, and eventually get around to voting on a “critical” piece of legislation --- which they knew would never pass. The reason for all the “critical” (and need I say, expensive) action was so at the end of the day they could go in front of the reporters’ microphones. “Those evil Republicans only like rich people.” “Those evil Democrats want to tax the middle-class and small businessmen.” All those evil people, pointing at each other, and hoping everyone notices them. No wonder the favorable ratings of Congress are at less than 10%.

I sat down inside the restaurant and had a coffee as I read my morning prayers. Not surprisingly, one of the readings was about the rich man who appeared at the temple so that everyone could see him. He only did things to be seen by others, and didn’t care what God saw. And I thought of “our” politicians, and a tear formed. These people were blessed with so much talent and power, and yet they use it only to advertise to other people how much talent and power they have. If that isn’t burying their talents in the sand, I don’t know what is. And yet they don’t see it; they don’t see that is what they are doing. How very sad. I know I should not be anxious about these things; after voting there is little I can do --- none of them read their mail; they don’t care what I think. No wonder why the rich man will find it easier to pass through the eye of a needle, than get into heaven. I often ponder on if I am using the talents I was given well enough. I wonder if these politicians ever do.

A friend asked me to write a short “Christmas wish list” of things I might want or need. At the top I put a request that a donation be made to the local Capuchin soup kitchen; the need there was greater than any need I had. I drafted my Christmas letter yesterday, to be enclosed in the cards I hope to address today. While updating friends and family about how the year went for mom and I, I included in the letter a request that they also consider their local soup kitchen this Christmas. I’m sure most will, as I am equally sure that they won’t seek to go in front of microphones to announce it.


  1. Address of your soup kitchen?

  2. By Googling Capuchin Soup Kitchen Detroit you can find the one I referenced. It has a mail address or allows for on-line donation.

    (It also has the address of kitchen sites, in case you decide to visit and get in the mood for ladling :-) )