Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Celebrating Sin

I used to think sin was an evil, a hurt to God, and that all men seek to avoid it, to live “good” lives. Especially of late, my eyes are opened to how naïve I have been. For many in this country sin is not a thing to be avoided, no, it is a thing to be celebrated with great fanfare and joy. Joy at, in my understanding, hurting God.

You’ve seen some of my sadness at the joy in my local community celebrating the ready availability of pornography in our library --- but of course trying to keep it from children, which I guess they believe then makes it safe, legal, and rare (where have I heard that before?). Then, this weekend Michigan papers ran large stories celebrating the increased financial responsibility of many in Michigan and our country, those who are in financial difficulty and must make hard decisions. Yes, they note, many of these people are choosing to not have children, to save money. They are such expensive “things” to have. So if we don’t have children, we’ll have more money for ourselves --- how wonderful and responsible of us, the paper seems to indicate. I mean, we have to cut somewhere, right? I thought it curious, however, that the article did not comment on listings it showed of states with the lowest birth rates last year, and those with the highest. Among the lowest, virtually all were “blue” states, while among the highest were all “red” states. Other studies have shown that “blue” liberal states have lower church attendance, lower giving to charities, and now lower birth rates. I guess as Americans they want the same things we all want, except they want it for themselves first. Whereas surveys of the red states note that they value marriage, family, children, and giving for the care of their neighbor ---it makes me wonder: are these states REALLY in the same country?

And then there was the New York Times article this week celebrating that New York City is number one in abortions in the country, with 40% of children born in the womb never seeing the light of day. The article notes how wonderful it is that there are so many and readily available ways to get abortions, like a candy store on every corner. In New York City, a black pregnancy would most likely result in an abortion --- what a sad state for their citizens. In New York City I guess they consider abortions as being safe, legal and ….. well, let’s celebrate! This same paper will print little to nothing today about the tens of thousands who marched in the frigid cold in Washington yesterday to protest Roe v Wade, but will devote pages tomorrow celebrating the black tie dinners and a presidential speech tonight which will likely say and do nothing.

Celebrations in our cities and our country, and yet they make me feel sad. Party pooper me? No, I just think about what we are celebrating, and who we are likely hurting: our God. I’d like to think that I’m getting closer to Him in these days and years, and perhaps I am. But if my wisdom and holiness is growing, and I see Him more as He is --- and this is it, then I don’t know if I want to grow any closer to Him. I don’t know if I could bear what He does. I can’t handle that much rejection, that much sadness.

As America celebrates.

As God weeps.

And yet through all this God still loves us, and He gives us Hope. By our actions in these days, my we show that we still love Him, and in our small way, give Him hope also, hope for this country.

At mass the gospel today said: “Go out to all the world and tell the Good News.” Despite what we may read in the papers, my friends, remember this is the real Good News. This is what is worth our celebration. We must speak up and proclaim the truth of goodness, even as our neighbors may celebrate sin. And our actions and reactions must start in prayer for them. All is not lost. Change, REAL change, can come to America. REAL joy can come to America.

He came into a world steeped in sin, and died for us. Can’t we, for our part, do some small action? Or are we looking at the celebrations, and content to merely shake our heads? Do you need one of the little reminder bracelets, my friends: WWJD? (I think you know.)


  1. But remember dear friend we are walking in the Shadlowlands. Very few things in this world are as they truly appear. We know the true emptiness in their celebration of abortion as much as we know the conviction behind those who marched FOR Life. There is no comparison. Ask the unborn babies, who have surely been taken to Our Lord, to pray for the parents so blind as to deny their own children life. These new Holy Innocents will intercede for us as we pray for an end to abortion and their lives cruelly cut short before even seeing the light of birth. Pray. Pray. And pray some more.

  2. Ah, Booklady, you are so wise, which is why I always enjoy your insights. No, despite what may read as sappy beginnings-of-senility posts in recent days, I am aware of the doings of God in all these things. It seems a new sensation to me, however, that I seem to now feel His feelings on these matters also. And yes, there my poor brain is much to small to comprehend all that He knows or feels, and all I can do is speak to Him on all these things, and seek His comfort --- even as I seek to comfort Him.