Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Ecclesiastes 3:1, 7: “For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven: … a time to keep silence, and a time to speak.”

But sometimes I don’t know what to say to God, and I remain silent.

Padre Pio’s assurance: “In the ways of the Lord, stop in your room, like the courtesans (servants), and pay him homage. He who will see this will be pleased with your patience, will favor your silence. …”

“How many courtesans come and go a hundred times in the King’s presence, not to speak or listen to him, but simply in order to be seen by him, and to let themselves be seen as his true servants? This manner of staying in the presence of God … is most holy and excellent, most pure and extremely perfect. He will speak to you, will take a thousand walks in your company along the paths of the garden of prayer, and if this never happens, which would be impossible … be content just the same because it is our obligation to follow him …

“Therefore, when you find yourself close to God in prayer, speak to him if you can, and if you are unable to do so, stay this way: Let yourself be seen, and do not disturb yourself further.”

Lord, thank you for accepting my times of silent, as well as vocal, prayer. Thank you for the peace and joy of resting in your presence. Amen.
Padre Pio’s Words of Hope -- Meditation 124: Silence

How often have I prayed to God --- and heard nothing in return. Very often I could feel His presence, almost feel the touch of His breath, but heard nothing. Was He really there? Did He hear my prayers; did He care? Why did I not hear an answer?

But sometimes there are no Godly answers to our prayers, at least not ones we would ever understand. Then why do we even bother to speak them, if He will not answer? A good question indeed, since we need not speak them, yet He understands all the same. His knowledge, His concern, His love, that is what makes Him God. And so what then are we to do in His presence? Padre Pio created an appropriate analogy, that of the servant in front of the king. Like the servant, we know it is our obligation to follow the King, and we know that the King wishes us well. Say? There is nothing which must be said. The silence of being in each other’s presence is enough, ours to show Him that we care and seek to serve Him, and His to show us that He is aware. Nothing else needs to be said. Silence in each other’s presence is enough, like two friends sitting on a swing, wordlessly confident in each other’s caring.

Does love require more?

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  1. This is beautiful Tom! Does love require more? Not at all!