Monday, April 4, 2011

Talking With God

If a man wants to be in God’s company, he must pray regularly and read regularly. When we pray, we talk to God; when we read, God talks to us.
Book of Maxims, by St. Isidore --- Feast Day, May 4th

You cannot know God unless you read. Saul was struck down off his horse and made aware of Christ, but that has not happened to me --- or at least not physically. But even he spent three years in the desert, praying to this new-found Lord, but also likely reading and/or meditating on what he had read in the past, growing in the wisdom of the Lord.

God often speaks to me in the books I read. I couldn’t begin to count the number of times I picked up a book which had long lain idle, and then, right there in the next chapter to be read, were words which touched my heart. Certainly the same words read a month, a week, or even a day before would not have had the same meaning, not have touched me that way. I often feel God speaks to me like that, and it brings me great consolation. Often as I kneel before the Blessed Sacrament it is words like these, presented at just the right time, which come back to me, and become part of the intimate prayers of the moment, God and I exchanging things of importance, words of love.

I know I am blessed to have learned at a young age to love reading, and to have learned to read rapidly, and absorb key points of a story or a text. That learning has served me well in this life. Often a novel flies in front of my eyes and afterward I couldn’t tell you if I saw the movie or read the book, but for books which were meant to convey me knowledge, often the wisdom remains deep in my heart, to be recalled at a moment I need it most. I often call out to God for help, but it is past-read words which most often answer me, explaining again His love, giving His answer to my problems, and making even the worst problems of my life now bearable.

Reading has helped me to know what God wants of me, and it has settled into my heart a contentment and desire, so that God can look back and see into my heart, and know His will is what I sincerely wish to do. And with this mutual understanding we can better talk, and be friends.

Reading would be a good Lenten resolution, even made at this late date. Ask me, if you need some suggestions.


  1. I gave up movies and television this Lent just so I could spend more time reading. Surprisingly, or maybe not, I haven't missed them at all! I haven't read nearly so much as I wanted to get through this Lent...

    I, too, love to read and have spent many of the happiest hours of my life reading. Sadly it's a dying art.

  2. Well, giving up movies would be an easy one for me, booklady, as I haven't been to a theatre in years. And I too gave up television, except to watch game show re-runs with mom. But I gave up books!! Well, okay, not all books, but novels. I fear the used book store may go under, missing my visits this Lent. But I so love reading; it was good to give up this entertainment.

    I agree the young no longer read, and they are missing out a great learning and joyous experience.