Monday, April 18, 2011

Why Have You Abandoned Me?

My God, My God. Why have You abandoned me?

Those are powerful words. I wonder how many of our neighbors are praying those words this week, praying them from their hearts? Are they giving up on God? How many more will be praying those words in the future? And where is God; where is the answer to their prayers?

I fear that perhaps God is asking us that question. Where is the answer to your neighbors’ prayers, that neighbor that I told you to love? Don’t you hear them? Aren’t you looking? Are you just walking by, as they walked by my cross? Are you laughing at them, mocking their financial mistakes and their ruin? Because I blessed you, and you have much, do you think I cursed them that they have so little? Why do you think I blessed you?

Didn’t I see you nod at my priest when he said the calls of Lent are prayer, fasting and alms? For whom do you pray? For what do you fast? Where are your alms?

Lenten meditations: thoughts on what is, what might be, and what should be.

What you do to the least of my brethren, that you do unto me.

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