Monday, July 4, 2011

Further Thoughts on Fr. Corapi

Mom’s caregiver is out of town for the holiday weekend, but I did not have to sleep on the couch at mom’s house again. Yeah! Unfortunately, the power went out at mom’s Saturday, and with difficulty I brought her to live here at my house for a few days. She is sleeping on the family room couch, and to be nearby, I slept on the front room couch --- only a little more comfortable than the one at mom’s, but well, home is home. And God is good in all things, even these.

Waking up early, I read the Liturgy of the Hours in quiet, and what I read caused me to reflect on Fr. Corapi, again. He had been on my mind of late because of a comment to a previous post I made on his situation. In today’s Office of Readings was an excerpt from a letter to the Corinthians, by Saint Clement, pope. It concluded with these haunting words:

A person may be faithful; he may have the power to utter hidden mysteries; he may be discriminating in the evaluation of what is said and pure in his actions. But the greater he seems to be, the more humbly he ought to act, and the more zealous he should be for the common good rather than his own interest.

St. Clement’s letter was an admonition on the importance of unity within the Church. Looking at the immediate results of Fr. Corapi’s recent actions and his website, I see much disunity. Some comment there in favor of his actions, some against. Some comment favorably on the Church, and some criticize. In most comments I see sides being taken, disunity. Discussion and learning is a good thing, but I do not see much of that occurring there.

When I first commented on Fr. Corapi’s situation I said I will not judge him nor his actions --- even if I do not understand things, this may be the will of God. I further commented that regarding the Church, I will obey, even if there also I do not understand. I said I would try to make an evaluation of the fruits of these matters: is this good or bad for the people of God? Thus far, I have only seen disunity, and this, I think, does not promote the common good --- but only time will tell the total fruits of the event.

Saint Clement also asked this question in his letter: Why do we tear apart and divide the body of Christ? His answer to that question and other things are something that is good to read and meditate on in its entirety. I shall do so again later today. If you’d like to do the same, I’m sure you can find it somewhere on the web.

The situation of Fr. Corapi bears some similarity to that of the Order of the Legionairres of Christ. Its founder, Fr. Marcial Marciel was found, after his death, to have led a life that had many “un-saintly” aspects. As I understand the situation there, after much investigation and deliberation, the Church has ruled that his order will be allowed to continue (and I pray flourish) as part of the Catholic Church. His actions, through the workings of the Holy Spirit, led to hundreds of vocations to the priesthood and brought many to the Church, loyally seeking to serve God. God brought forth good fruits, despite the weakness of the man, as God has indeed done despite the weaknesses of many saints and even popes.

Judge any of these men or their actions? I will not. Evaluate the fruits of their actions, saying this one is good and I will taste of it to nourish me, and saying this one tastes bad and I shall avoid it? Yes, this I will do. And so I still financially support the works of the Legionairres of which I have seen (and the Church concurred) as being largely good. And of the work of Fr. Corapi, I think I will cease visiting his website, because for the moment all I see is disunity, and as Saint Clement reminded me, this is not a good thing --- although I will not judge by today, what tomorrow’s moment might bring.

The Morning Prayer closed today with Intercessions. This is the final one:

May we seek those things which are beneficial to our brothers, without counting the cost, to help them on the way to salvation.
--- Preserve us in your ministry, Lord.


  1. "By their fruits you shall know them" and Fr Corapi has created millions of conversions to the truths of the Catholic faith without anything added or taken away. Where are the fruits of Bishop Mulvey? It was Mulvey who has created the disunity by doing what he has done, i.e. not investigating these flimsy accusations properly and forcing Fr Corapi to take leave of duty for an indefinite period. Pray for the Bishops

  2. @Mark - thanks for demonstrating the disunity felt by the blog poster.