Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Why Was I Born?

On Mother’s Day I wrote here of a deep insight I had on the importance of Mary, and of mothers in general. I noted that of all the things of this earth Our Lord could take --- and He could have “taken” anything --- through the Assumption, He took His mother with Him back to heaven. Only that one thing did He take, His mother. I pointed out the value that God obviously placed on mothers through that unique example, and that following His example, we likewise should value all mothers.

But why?

Jesus was born that the punishments due to Adam’s original sin might be negated --- “He came that we might have eternal life.” And the importance of that goes back to the reason for creation itself. God is love, and he created man so that man might be a receiver of His love, that so wishes to go out of Him. Man was created to receive God’s love and through his free will, to return that love to God through his actions while on earth, and then through his very being, to be united to God, in eternity. Mothers are so very important because they begin an earthly life, another receptacle for God’s love. The whole reason for creation was God wanting to give His love, and mothers create receivers of His love --- the exact thing God wanted. Mothers work with God’s creation activity, creating earthly lives so that through His love, He can create eternal lives, eternal love.

Why was I born; what thing about me is so important? I was born to receive God’s love, and to live in love with Him eternally. That is the underlying main reason for my existence. I so easily get confused with things of this earth, and their perceived importance to me, but that is my real importance. The purpose of everything I do, of everything I can do, had that final end in mind when I was first thought into existence. I was made to receive love, and to give love.

And my mother’s choice made it possible. Praise be to her, for giving me this first step toward eternal happiness for me. Praise be to her, for giving such pleasure to God, for creating a life that is meant to be His, and which he so desires. All of the heavens and earth were created just so my mother and other mothers could create a new place for God to present His never-ending love.

A mother’s love in creating new life is a finishing touch to make God’s creation perfect, just what He wanted it to be. No wonder He values mothers so highly! No wonder I was born, and He was so pleased!

But not every person chooses to assist God in His purposes for creation. Some think they have a better idea.

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