Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Celebrate Past Successes

I sent the below letter to Fr. Joseph Fessio, S.J., publisher of Catholic World Report magazine. CWR and the Homelitic & Pastoral Review magazines will cease printing and go to an on-line format next year. I wrote Fr. Fessio a note of encouragement and as a reminder to him --- and myself --- that we must celebrate our past successes, not regret their ending.

Dear Fr. Fessio:

I have lead many a good cause in my life, some even great. Many thousands in need were helped through my efforts; many cried in thanks, and I found much satisfaction and consolation that my efforts were His, yet over time support for some of my charitable efforts waned, and I found myself carrying the banner into battle with few behind me. And it was with great regret that I found my efforts increasing as others’ decreased, and then those helped diminished. The battle was not being won. We wish the successes of our life could go on forever. We tend to forget that they are not OUR successes, and that they won’t go on forever.

With prayer, I ended my leadership in some causes, and was led to join others. The war continued to be fought; I pray I was led to enter those battles where I might make a difference --- despite the fact that some might suffer because of my choices. I pray those decisions were made with His blessings.

Despite my abilities and praised past successes, I cannot forget that it is He who leads us into battle. We are just His soldiers.

I will miss both the Catholic World Report and Homiletic & Pastoral Review in my mailbox. Much good was done with them; may your future efforts do even more. Do not look back with regrets; those battles are over. For this I pray.


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