Saturday, January 7, 2012

I Gotta Tell Ya This

There are so many serious things happening in my life lately, and then this happens:

Mom and I are watching the Rocky and Bullwinkle show when, in the same episode: Boris Badenov steals the Kirwood Derby (which makes you supremely intelligent), and then Gidney and Floyd (the moon men) decide not to scrootch him with their scrootch gun. Then Boris says: “Nya-Ha-Ha! Now I’ll put on the derby and figure out how to control the world!!” And he puts on the derby, pauses, and then says: “You know, it really is stupid of me to be such a no goodnik. Everyone hates me. I should be a nicer guy.” And Natasha screams: “What!!” and throws the hat away.

And meanwhile the scene flips to an office door, with the words: “Rocket J. Squirrel, Congressman” on it. And outside the door are two guys with big guns, one wants to shoot him because of what he did, and the other for what he didn’t do. And one says: “I don’t know how we elected a squirrel in the first place.” And the other answers: “It just seemed a matter of time, with so many nuts in Washington, that a squirrel would show up!”

Ah, yes. Shows so old that they are new, and jokes so timeless that they never stop being funny (or true.)

I just had to tell you this.

But now I gotta go, Dudley-Do-Right is coming on.

(Hope you have a good weekend!)