Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Lenten Thoughts --- Again

I have many things on my mind, and calling for my time. As I sit and pray in the chapel, I have so many things I need to pray for, and quite frankly, beg for. So I guess with my mind occupied with MY thoughts, Jesus has been paying attention and not troubled me with other thoughts. And since I am not reflecting on anything new of late, I think I'll just re-post this old thought, but one that is ever new for this Lenten season:

Orig: 2/22/10

“It is interesting to note that when people do works of charity, they require that the poor they help be destitute. Actually, in our country, very few people are destitute, but many live right on the margin of destitution, with little or no security and very few frills. Some will say, “Who needs frills?” We all need a few, and I mean need. I love to give presents to poor children and poor old people. They’re not starving but few have ever given them something just because they are themselves. Is it really a frill for a child whose mother is on welfare to get a Christmas present, which could not possibly afford to buy?
Do you want to have a great Lent? Tip the gas station attendant who doesn’t speak English. Tell the newsboy to keep the change, with a smile. Buy a cup of coffee and a doughnut for the fellow collecting aluminum cans to trade in.
Or go first-class. Send a poor child to Catholic school. Help an old lady on Social Security get her medication every month. Tell her you can get it at a discount, and just take a dollar to make her feel that she’s paying for it. She’s getting it at a discount from you.
Lent may be a time of penance, but if you are generous with the frills for God, then you will know that you have brought a smile to the face of Jesus Christ. Happy Lent.”

The King Crucified and Risen – Daily readings from Ash Wednesday to Divine Mercy Sunday, by Benedict Groeschel, C.F.R.

I like most all of Fr. Groeschel’s books; this an excerpt from his daily reader for Lent, and I highly recommend it.

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