Saturday, April 28, 2012

Good Times at 94

It was mom’s (and grandma’s) 94th birthday this week, and her three nieces again came into town for the celebration.  Although Florence and Rose promised to bring some of the Arizona warmth (it hit 100 already), what came was Anne’s Idaho cold weather.  No matter, a good time was had by all.  The picture shows mom, Anne (the nurse, as mom always says), and my Goddaughter Rose; Florence was busy taking her own pictures ---- which she promised to send to me (hint-hint).
Grandma got some new t-shirts, a dress and sweater, blankets and socks --- all in purple, her favorite color, and a new large clock which now hangs on the wall behind the television so she can see the time easier (and not ask me every ten minutes).  She was very alert, especially on her birthday, and actively sought to engage her granddaughters in conversation all evening.  And the girls did not think it tedious when grandma asked for about the fifth time how many kids each had, nor take exception when she asked if Florence (who will turn some magical not-to-be-named round number this year) had graduated from high school yet (we all said no!).      
And each night we went back to my house and played cards until late at night (my East-coast time).   And we drank too much, ate too much, and laughed too much.  Mea culpa.  And it was all too soon over, and they left for home and their kids and probably frazzled husbands.  Good times to be remembered, when times are not so good.


  1. Thanks, Tom, for posting about your Mom's birthday and the celebration. I could visualize being there myself, and maybe I was in a way, since I always pray for her; for you, and yours.

    I enjoyed your thoughts about Bishop Dolan. I surely do hope he will stand up to the (?) President. That's an issue hot on our prayer list.

    1. Thanks, Maryellen. Mom's birthday was a good day; it's good to document here so that I can refer back to it, on the days which are not so good. My niece, Florence, did sent me her pictures of that day, and as expected they are much better than mine. I'll wait a couple of weeks to publish them here; Mother's Day is approaching.

      Re Archbishop Dolan, having read the book about him, I am more confident in the safety of the Catholic Church in America, and am able to witness to God's blessing on it.