Saturday, June 23, 2012

Rocky and Bullwinkle

Watching old cartoon shows on a Saturday afternoon with mom ….
Boris Badenov has invented a Goofy Gas gun and is spraying the gas on all the smart people of the country, instantly making them goofy.  (Along the way, he sprays the Goofy Gas on Rocky and Bullwinkle too, but it has no effect on Bullwinkle because he’s already goofy.)
Meanwhile, Boris and Natasha decide to go to Washington D.C., where they’re shown sitting in the Congressional gallery getting ready to spray everyone when they hear a Senator say: “Mr. Chairman, I propose we spend $38 million dollars on a committee to discover why the government is spending so much money.”  Then Boris says: “Sheesh.  They’re already goofy,” and so they leave to spray someone else.
I’ve always heard it said that the old science fiction movies were becoming reality today.  No, unfortunately, it is the old cartoons that are.
And it isn’t funny anymore.

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