Saturday, November 10, 2012

Review of the Upcoming Movie: 2026

When I first read that the movie 2026 was being released by United Media to celebrate the 250th anniversary of our country’s founding, I thought it was going to be a walk through from our country’s early struggles to where we are now.  I was wrong, and after the movie’s boring first five minutes I was tempted to leave --- but I’m glad I stayed.  The movie began with President Barney Frank’s 2026 State of the Union address to the nation.  And, as it turned out, that was the ENTIRE movie.  The movie was not a celebration of our country’s history, but a celebration of where we are at now.  As usual, the President’s original speech last January was seen by virtually no one, because there were more interesting things to do and see, but the movie 2026 pictorially displays, to the accompaniment of his speech, how wonderful this country is, in the President’s words. 
We should all watch this movie, to really understand how much our government has blessed us.
The president began his speech celebrating the great advances in technology which have made our country such an enjoyable place to live.  The latest models from the government-run United Car Company were shown, all, of course, driverless vehicles --- as required by his 2024 Executive Decree.  He noted how fatal accidents are now a thing of the past and how people can now enjoy their travels, pursuing whatever pleasures along the way that they desire.  New models coming out, he noted, will come with beds and various (optional) sexual toys, to make for a thoroughly enjoyable ride.  Totally electrical and virtually unbreakable, he notes that (where families still exist) they will become handed down through generations.
He went on, (as the movie screen showed some of the latest designs in 3-D television and movies): “Since I issued the Executive Decree saying we will not enforce any laws against pornography, 3-D television and movies are in high demand, so people can enjoy participating in the new “lively” prime-time television shows and interactive movie experiences.  The soaring demand for movie viewing has led my government to identify buildings with good acoustics, like unneeded churches, and turn them into movie theaters, where,” he laughed, “church attendance is now at record highs.”  He noted: “This is what the people want, and so this is what their government will provide, the things that make them happy.  I pledge that I view it as my highest priority as President to make everyone as happy as they could ever imagine, right here, in this wonderful country.” 
And this led him into the next area of perfection:  Jobs.
The 85 year-old President seemed exceptionally please to announce that 100% of Americans were gainfully employed, and would be into the future.  While, as he explained, job requirements were less at the United Car Company, there were greater requirements at the United Media, United Electrical (for the green cars and other green products’ increased electrical consumption), and United Technologies Companies, and the government was directing increasing numbers of workers to new  jobs in those industries.  He noted that we have arrived at a new supply and demand society:  whatever you want (and need -- as he defines it), you may have provided by the government.  So where areas of greater demand emerge, like for the now-mandatory 3-D televisions, the government will direct people as needed to move to local production sites and work there --- for the betterment of our country.  “As people demand different things, we’ll direct workers to supply them,” he proudly announced, “the new: demand and supply economy”.   Addressing the obvious question: what if people want more things than there are people to produce them, he said: “If necessary, we could always require longer hours to be worked,” but he expected the laws of demand and supply to regulate this also.  “If people are working all the time, just how much can they want?  Besides, if they truly want too much, I will define their appropriate needs – by executive decree”       
The President then shifted his talk into the financial side of the government.  “I’m proud to announce,” he said, “that we are making huge strides to reduce government debt.”  He noted how he had issued an Executive Decree abolishing Congress two years ago, which was met with wide approval (by citizens AND his appointed Supreme Court).  “Over 95% of the people polled said they thought Congress was useless, so I made that expense --- and expensive elections, become a thing of the past.  Even the office of President will now only be elected every 10 years, a great savings for the government.”  Noting that providing people whatever they want has caused a huge increase in governmental costs, he pointed out that his Executive Decree of 100% taxes solved that problem: “If I make sure you get whatever you need, what do you need money for?” 
At this point, as an impartial reviewer of this movie, I have to interject that the President wisely avoided speaking about some of the more controversial expenditures he has overseen.  While the public does not mind the expense of his three husbands living with him in the White House, and was sympathetic on the recent death of his fourth husband, the subsequent month-long “celebration of his life” in Washington (which cost billions of dollars) upset some people --- although, like the weekly dinners/orgies at the White House, the public was invited to attend, for free.  And the President failed to bring up his Executive Decree naming all the airports in the country after himself.  Although he explained how having the same name now enabled volume purchases of luggage tags, it did cause major confusion when people were asked: “And where are you traveling to?”  And so while White House celebrations are up, there are no celebrations at airports.
The President did address, however, celebrations in general.  Noting that surveys indicated people wanted liberal availability of pornography, drugs, and polygamy, he made those a priority of his administration.  He issued Executive Decrees negating any laws against these things which bring joy into our life.  (He noted how this decree was a cost efficiency, since to identify all the laws and individually negate them would have been a waste of dollars.)  “While some religions used to talk about natural law and things you shouldn’t do,” he noted, “this is the true definition of natural law: doing all the things you want to do.”  He also spoke about the decrees he issued easing those things which have caused Americans stress in the past, like worrying about the health of their children, or parents.  “Cloning will soon be the preferred method of having children (for those who still want them), ensuring that you get the child of your choice, free of any illnesses (of course, surrogate mothers would be provided at government expense, if you desire).  And the government will take care of any “mistakes,” disposing of imperfect children for you --- at no expense, of course.  And as parents age and can no longer work and be productive, the government will “take care of them for you, freeing you for my pleasurable things.”  (Although unmentioned, he previously noted that if not enough children are born to fill needed jobs, the government will clone enough to meet worker requirements.)
“But,” President Frank noted, “I have not forgotten those of you who fondly remember how things were: For those still desiring children, we have ensured that your children, too, will have happy lives.”  The United School Districts, run by the government, will ensure that afternoon school naps, which used to be a thing of kindergarten only, now will be extended up to the third grade, so our kids can enjoy school more.  And in the fourth grade, the nap time will be changed into “sexual freedom” time, where children will be introduced into some of the joys of adulthood, while furthering their enjoyment of the school experience.
“Yes,” said President Barney Frank, “This is truly, America the Beautiful, where everyone will be perfectly happy.  I decree it.  What more could you want?”  (“Just ask me,” he implied, “and I’ll get it.”)       
       - - - - - - - -
The above liberal dream of America is, I’m sure, not the dream of all, but certainly many.  And the dreams of liberals are the nightmares of conservatives.   I recently wrote about a quote I read, noting that democracy and perfect social justice CANNOT exist together; the above dream muses that they can.  But that is just a dream.

It was a sleepless night(mare) which led me into the above musings, my friends.  I do apologize for these ramblings of recent days.  Insomnia, dementia, stupidity, and senility must have had some contribution to these ravings, and I promise this will be the end of it.  These were MY musings and fears and sorrows, but all mourning must diminish so that life can go on.  And so shall mine. 
Before these days of rambling, I was focused on the Year of Faith, and what I resolved to do.  At the end of one month, I have been pretty faithful to my resolve (well, maybe not always with the exercising.)   I’ll continue my morning meditation and reading time, and expect that my thoughts will be led back in that direction --- but who knows?  I just know I will stop acting out my fears and sorrows (and writing about them here), and start listening. 
Speaking of which, I’m still listening to the words of Anne Murray, and heard again today (and needed to hear):
No evil power can conquer you,
While God is on your side.
Just take Him at His promise,
Don't run away and hide.

It is no secret what God can do.
What He's done for others He will do for you

Do Not Be Anxious
   - - - - - - - - - -
P.S. P.S.
Coincidently (well, you know what I think about coincidences), I closed this posting and then picked up a novel I am reading: Forever Odd, by Dean Koontz.  In the novel, the title hero, Odd Thomas (no relation to moi) meets someone who has created an original twisted faith, which involves killing others as part of her religion.  On the first page I opened to tonight, I read these words of Odd Thomas, as he thinks about this killer’s mindset:
     “When social forces press for the rejection of age old Truth, then those who reject it will seek meaning in their own truth.  These truths will rarely be Truth at all; they will only be collections of personal preferences and prejudices.
     The less depth a belief system has, the greater the fervency with which its adherents embrace it.  The most vociferous, the most fanatical are those whose cobbled faith is founded on the shakiest grounds.”

It seems God is taking my thoughts and His and molding them and throwing them at me from various directions, trying to give me peace and some meaning in recent events.  I like His consolations. 

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