Sunday, March 17, 2013

Don't Go Drinking Too Much --- On Tuesday

I know, I know.  You’re probably saying: “Well, it’s a famous saint’s feast day, and shouldn’t we be celebratin’?”  And yes, yes, I do understand that urge to celebrate someone famous.  After all, St. Joseph IS considered the foster-father of Jesus, I mean, just how famous does famous have to be?  And on top of that, he is patron saint of the best country in the world, Poland (for you doubters, check out the WSJ article, Poland is one of the fastest growing economies in the world right now.) 
So there are many reasons to celebrate the good saint’s feast day on this Tuesday.  But you shouldn’t be going out drinking all day, all the same.  Instead, like all good Polish Catholics, you should rise early, go to mass (and wearing red, of course), say some prayers for our families to St. Joseph, and THEN go out drinking.  (Us Polacks always have our priorities straight.) 
Now I know, especially among some women, they have their prejudices against St. Joseph.  They point out that Mary told him about the angel visiting her, and the unexpected arrival of a son soon, and Joseph’s reaction was one of: “Riiiiiiiiggghhtt.  Angel?  Sure.  Um, maybe we shouldn’t go through with these marriage plans, Mary.”  Alright ladies, I’ll concede that point.  BUT, when the angel appeared to Joseph, to set him straight (and they probably had a couple of beers talking about it), then Joseph promptly listened to God’s urgings.  And isn’t that the proper priority of things now, God first, THEN the little lady? 
I mean, Joseph is also considered the patron saint of families.  Just look at  happened the next time an angel came to him.  The angel appeared in the middle of the night and said: “Joseph!”  And well, okay, he probably just rolled over, but then the angel said: “Jesus and Mary are in danger, you must leave town immediately.”  Well, then the Scriptures imply that he virtually flew out the door with them, aiming to protect them at all costs.  Well, I bet he even helped Mary to pack! 
When God calls, Joseph listens!
And let’s not forget that Joseph died before Jesus or Mary.  The poor man probably worked himself to death, for the family.  And so why shouldn’t we plan to tip a few back, toasting this son of David and father of Jesus? 
I can hear some of you saying now: “But it’s Lent.  It is a time of fasting, not celebrating.”  Now wait just a minute there, my poor Catholic would-be scholars, Lent is NOT a time of no fun.  Did you forget what is coming up next Sunday, Palm Sunday?  Wasn’t there something there about a parade and celebration?  And so what is wrong with getting in with the holiday by doing a bit of celebrating on Tuesday?  Did you also forget that Tuesday is also the eve of Wednesday, the first day of Spring this year?  Hosannah and Springtime and a model father, why I can’t think of a better day for celebratin’.
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Please, no comments about Springtime also being about “green” which reminds you of some other saint, whose name I forget right now.  All this hullabaloo about this other guy, an exterminator for pity’s sake, whose claim to fame is driving all the snakes out of Ireland.  The way I heard it told, by the time all the snakes left, there weren’t any people LEFT in Ireland.  At any rate, his fame doesn’t compare to that of the good St. Joseph.  And if you would still make a fuss about comparing the two saints or the two countries, I have but one further question of ye: “And just how many popes have come from Ireland, much less ones they are now calling ‘The Great!!?”  Surely you’d be jestin’ to even bring up the comparisons.
And so if I happen to be “busy” Tuesday and not get around to posting anything, I’ll say my Happy St. Joseph’s Day to ye this day.  (Nothing else important is going on today, anyway.)    

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