Thursday, March 21, 2013

What Gift Should I Give?

Whoever meditates on the law of the Lord
-- Will bring forth much fruit at harvest time.

The first three words above are His gift to me;
the last word is my gift to Him.
- - - - - - - - - -
The above quote is from this morning’s Readings, while the words were my comments written in the book margin.
Yesterday I was called to reflect here on what we pray for.  We pray for things we can’t reasonably assure ourselves of, but we have some confidence that God can gift them to us.  But today I was led to think about what gifts we might offer in return.  I mean, among friends, isn’t that what reasonably happens, that they exchange gifts?  No matter that one gift may be much larger than the other, because certainly some have more to give.  God does.  What matters though, or so they say, is the thought.
So what would you give Him in exchange for His many gifts, even those you did not pray for?  And as you offer gifts to Him, just what is YOUR thought?
- - - - - - - - - -
Just one final thought:  It IS Lent; Holy Week and the Passion are celebrated next week.  Take some time to contemplate His gift, His BIG gift, before you think on what you might offer back.  And in thinking on these things, you might glance at the words above again, as I did.
It’s not much, but the gifts I will give next week include watching and contemplating three movies about sacrifice:  Saving Private Ryan, I Am David, and The Passion.  And my parish has graciously again offered Eucharistic Adoration through Holy Thursday night, and I will spend the night with Him, thinking about those hours He spent alone, mocked and beaten, that first Holy Thursday night.  But I will be there.

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