Thursday, April 11, 2013

Loving Parents With Children Who Have Autism

I have written some here in the past about autism; I know families with children with autism.  For them it is difficult, but for us in relating to them --- and their children --- it is also difficult.  I've read lots of articles on how families or even strangers should deal with children with autism, but for the first time (that I can recall) I read an article on how we should deal with the parents of a child with autism.

It is an article you should read also.  Maria, who writes a wonderful blog which I follow titled: La Dolce Vita, had her sister guest-write on her blog.  Her sister has a child with autism.  The article tells us how WE should act with love (and understanding) to the parents of children with autism.

Please take the time to read her comments here.  Whether you realize it or not, you DO know someone who has a child with autism, and you SEE children with autism almost every day.  Know how to act.  Know how to love.  Read this article.  (


  1. It was so kind of you to share the link to my sister's post on your blog. I think all caretakers - whether it's caring for a child with needs or an elderly parent - have a special place in heaven reserved for them.

    Anyway, my sister's name is Laura, and she will probably be visiting you here.


  2. Thank you for sharing my words with your readers! This is an example of how an amazing "friend network" can reach so many people. God bless you! - Laura (Maria's sister)

  3. In truth, Laura, I once was blessed to have (perhaps)saved a life because of some action I took via the internet. It is amazing. Publishing your words may make many lives better, but even if only one, my words (and yours) were certainly worth the effort.

    And as for your thanks, well, I certainly owe Maria for all her recipes which I tried and which are always so delicious --- even the ones where she adds "a dash" of this or "some" of that, which are a bit difficult to duplicate.