Thursday, April 25, 2013

Speak Lord, Please?

A friend pointed out to me that I haven’t written anything here in a few days.  I hadn’t noticed.
With concerns about my mom’s health and care and my nieces’ upcoming visit, I guess my mind has been elsewhere.  Yesterday another hospice nurse countered the counsel of earlier nurses, and said that mom’s sores were NOT getting better, and then countered the other nurse’s recommended method of wound care --- again.  What to do?  Who to believe?  One of my nieces arriving today is a nurse in a senior citizen home; hopefully she will offer counsel --- and hopefully not a totally different one, again.
In the quiet of my prayer time this past week I felt no new inspirations to write here, no answers to my prayers for His mercy for my mom.  “Where is God in all this” is a question which others raise and I tell them: “Do not be anxious.”  But it is hard to watch a loved one’s suffering, knowing where it will end, just not when.
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I said I didn’t hear answers that I looked for from God this past week, but that doesn’t mean He was silent.  This past weekend excellent homilies were delivered by my favorite pastors, and they are available as online podcasts for you to hear also.  They will be well worth your time to listen.
The first was from Father Ed Fride, pastor at Christ The King parish in Ann Arbor, who spoke (on April 21) about the New Evangelization, and how we are all called to be who God created us to be, witnesses to His truth.  Fr. Ed pointed out that even Samuel, one of the greatest of Old Testament prophets, had to be called three times by God before he heard; it was a good reminder to me (again) to not be anxious.  You can hear his homily here (
Meanwhile, a few miles away Fr. John Riccardo at Our Lady of Good Counsel parish gave the first of a series of homilies to educate his parishioners on Catholic social doctrines related to human sexuality.  Talking about sex in church on a Sunday is not something some people want to hear --- and some of his parishioners told him so --- but Fr. John does not only speak about comfortable truths.  In our highly sexualized society we need to be armed with the truths of our faith, and few proclaim it as well as Fr. John.  You can hear his homily here (
Finally, I read an article in this month’s Fortune magazine by Nina Easton.  She pointed out how many women are discussing the fact that women still are a minority in corporate executive ranks and how, on average, they are still paid less than men.  But then Ms Easton moved on to a less-discussed topic: American men who are “increasingly” becoming “far less” better equipped than women to land promising jobs.
She referenced a recent study done by two MIT economists, titled “Wayward Sons.”  It appears the study authors were initially looking to track women’s progress in the workplace, and were somewhat surprised to find the glaring lack of progress of men.  And digging into the data further they found something that appeared undeniable:  young boys in this country are being seriously harmed when they are raised in a home without a father.
The data brought out in the study showed disastrous declines among men in our society, in education, in wages, in employment, and (in general, it seemed) in a desire to lead a good life.  (Male incarceration is way up.)  In every age grouping, in every racial grouping, in every ethnic grouping, while women were improving their lives, men were moving in the opposite direction --- and the gap is now wide and getting wider.  Women today are finding there are fewer and fewer men worth marrying, and so they’re not.  And as marriages go down and single motherhood increases, boys and men lose out.  And our society, where shouts of “freedom” seem to be calling for even more divorces, more “families” without a father, and single motherhood, boys lose – big time.  And so does our way of life.   
And as the Supreme Court considers homosexual marriage in this country (and France okayed homosexual marriage and adoption), many are saying that “loving parents” is all that is important.
They are saying that a home with a mother AND a father is not that important, much less as planned by God.  Really??? 
You MUST read this study and see the undeniable results, here (

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