Thursday, August 29, 2013

Man! Do I Make Good Chili!

I know this blog is Do Not Be Anxious, and yet some of what I write seems to make you anxious -- and me too, for that matter.  And so sometimes we must turn our thoughts to lighter matters, to ease the tensions of the day.

Man!  Do I make good chili!!! 

Yes, it took me seven hours, and yes I was interrupted for two hours helping mom's former caregiver move to her new apartment, but NOTHING could make this day anxious.

Man!  Do I make good chili!!!!

After morning mass and a stop at the coffee shop, this day has been a chili one --- and I'm not talking about the weather.  The seven gallons of chili I made should last me the first part of the winter (and I think there will be at least one more "chili day" this fall.)  When it was finally "just right," the two huge bowls I had for breakfast/lunch/dinner tonight made the full day's work all worth while. 

After I had my dose, I took a large container over to the neighbor's; I know Josh and Megan love hot chili, and so I have to take care of them.  After all, I do practice "Love Your Neighbor," because the Bible tells us so, and oh, did I ever mention he's a wine distributor?  (I give him something to warm his insides; he gives me something to warm mine.)

I hope your day was as pleasant as mine, today.

It'll be almost a sad thing to put all those containers of chili into the freezer later, but I did retain a large pot-full in the fridge for later this week. 

Man!  Do I make good chili!!!!!

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