Sunday, October 6, 2013

Government Orders God: Stay Away!

Each week our prayer petitions at mass include prayers for the 37 members of our small parish serving in the U.S. military, but this week our pastor paused to give us time to PLEAD for them.  As part of the government shutdown --- and its deliberate attempts to make it noticeable and as inconvenient as possible --- it ordered any priests or chaplains who visit military bases on Sunday to: Stay away!  Any scheduled religious services were to be cancelled until further notice, including baptisms and weddings.
Just when I thought I couldn’t look any further down on those government “representatives” who fashion themselves as gods, they hit this new low:  No, we are not just AS gods, we tell God what to do! 
I dislike the tendency in our culture to be always changing the meanings of words or coming up with new, ridiculous words, yet thinking about our government I feel compelled to ask:  Anyone know of a word more disgusting than “disgusting?”

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