Sunday, November 24, 2013

Who Said It's Not Wintery?

Last week after a particularly bad night I commented that it was a “blustery, wintery day,” and then amended that to say that it was only blustery, since the prior night’s windstorm occurred during reasonably warm temperatures. 
Not wintery?  I guess ol’ man winter took that as a challenge, and so today (and next week) we are recording wind-chill readings of near zero.
Oh well, I do feel so sorry for my neighbors, but in two days I will be spending a week with my nieces in Arizona, taking off for Phoenix on Tuesday, where it will only be in the 70’s.  I wish all my northern neighbors a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving, but dress warm if you go out for a walk to burn off some of that big turkey dinner.  Myself, well, I might pick up some sun tan lotion for my walk.    

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