Friday, January 24, 2014

At This Point, I'll Try Anything

Maybe if I said that I’ll begin my New Year’s diet when it gets warmer …

Maybe if I go sign up for some ice skating classes …

Maybe if I go out and buy a new winter coat to show off to friends …

Maybe if I invite the in-laws over to dinner when the weather gets better …

Maybe if I buy some new snow tires ….

Maybe if I finally take down my Christmas tree …

Heck, I’ll try anything if it’ll make it get warmer!


  1. Well, I should think the ice skates and new winter coat should work. I mean, it's SURE to warm up to above freezing as soon as you go with the flow and prepare for it! (Like the time they closed the country western dance place near my house about 2 months after I broke down and bought expensive cowboy boots to dance in! It never fails.) :-) ~ Fran

  2. I couldn't believe how cold it was today. I had to take Sadie to a dentist appointment and it was -17 with windchill and it just hurt to walk from the car to the office!

  3. Well Fran, I see you really get it. And Cam, I KNOW you appreciate my feelings, but I don't hear any suggestions from either of you. Before I wrote this reply I Googled "Novena For Warm Weather" and found no responses. With all the crazy things people pray for, I thought sure there would be one there for that.

    You know, God and I have always had this arrangement: If I don't pray for a good score on the golf course, He'll take care of the weather. It NEVER rains on the golf course, as any true golfer knows. Maybe if I went out in the garage and dusted off my clubs .........

  4. OH, I didn't understand you wanted a SPIRITUAL solution! <>
    Well, you could:
    1) Offer it up for anyone who is undergoing serious temptation at the moment;
    2) Pray in gratitude for all the things you do have to stave off the cold; i.e. a house, a furnace, money to pay for fuel, warm blankets, coats, hats, gloves, boots, a car so you don't have to walk in it. I think you get the drift;
    3) Use it to practice a virtue. Fortitude and perseverance come to mind.
    Any of the above should really aggravate the devil, who obviously is only using the cold as a torment and to tempt you away from God. So the best strategy is stick it in his eye and make it make you MORE holy. If you do these things, soon enough the devil will realize he would be better served bringing in a warm stream of air from the Gulf of Mexico to get the temperature up to 60 degrees or so. You would let off the spiritual exercises, and viola!, he wins! (But, HA, jokes on him!)

    The LAST thing you want to do is even THINK about your golf clubs, let alone glance at them, because that would be tantamount to Punxsutawney Phil seeing his shadow, and you know what THAT means! SO PLEASE, HAVE MERCY ON US, AND DON'T DO THAT!

    :-) ~ Fran

  5. You know, as I was driving to church yesterday (which took me twice as long as usual) in the falling snow (which set an all-time record for the month already) and the temperature at 20 degrees (which was to be the HIGH for this week), I thought: Enough already! We've got the record; I'll buy the t-shirt: We're Number One!! Yeah!

    Now, stop it.