Friday, February 28, 2014

Name-Calling Heterosexuals

I initially was irritated by the elitist attitude expressed in the article (in First Things magazine) “Against Hetersexuality” -- another young man with knowledge, who thought he had wisdom.  Then I smiled; I was once young too, and thought that only I knew the truth of matters.

The author acknowledges that Scripture calls sodomy a sin, but then seems to explain why those who proudly proclaim themselves “homosexual” and celebrate their sodomy acts should not be thought of as sinners.  I can see that no argument will convince him otherwise; HE KNOWS.

In my many years I was sometimes given a small measure of wisdom.  The gift usually came via some words written by saints or apologists, or was whispered to my heart in the quiet of an adoration chapel.  I won’t debate Mr. Hannon and his “wisdom,” which he challenges us to accept (“Mark my words …”), but I might suggest to him that rather than immediately joining the Norbertines to spread his wisdom, he might (like Paul) go into the desert for 3 years or so.  And since he seems to “know” the Bible so well, perhaps he might take along a copy of The Theology of the Body, and The Litany For Humility, and then just sit and think about himself. 

To quote a real wise man:  “To know oneself is the beginning of Wisdom” – Socrates.

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I wanted to document and remember the (above) letter I sent to the editor of First Things magazine this morning.  The article I read there roused me to anger for 12 hours or so.  I wanted to call the author names:  elitist, arrogant, supporter of evil --- and he plans to join a religious order!  But during the mass and through the day’s readings my anger calmed, and I saw not an arrogant ass, but a confused (albeit intelligent) young man, lost but loudly proclaiming in confidence:  I know the way!  How many among our youth are like him.  They are the fruit of the decline in our culture, the Tower of Babel we build and live in, and in which we think we are reaching the skies.

I don’t expect my letter to be published by the magazine, but I believe they forward all comments to the authors.  Perhaps he might read it.  Perhaps grace may be given to him.  Perhaps he might see that  celebrating diversity, avoiding name calling, and not judging those who would celebrate sin will not, as he is convinced, cause the issues now being forced upon Christians by a militant homosexual community to just drift away.   Sitting back and stopping the use of the terms Homosexual or Heterosexual will not cause the whole issue of “choosing my sex and what to do with it” to go away. 

Exactly “what” may be debated, but we certainly must do something.

I will not be anxious, it only leads to sin.

Seek then the highest wisdom, not by arguments in
words but by the perfection of your life, not by speech
but by the faith that comes from simplicity of heart,
not from the learned speculations.

--- St. Columban, abbot

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