Sunday, May 18, 2014

Urgent Prayers Needed

I have been ill of late, and have not been up to coherently writing thoughts or reflections, but this note from Guadalupe Partners I received today deserves a posting:

Dear Friends,

We have been very blessed with many new mothers and new babies in our big family! We have a few new and one not so new mother in need of prayers. Please say rosaries for them, pray for their families and their babies. Your prayers have always been a real blessing to all of us.

Shante T:
 Mother of 3, a 10 year old, a 10 month old and a 6 week unborn baby. She was at Summit abortion clinic yesterday. She cried for about an hour in her car while she talked to her mother and sister on the phone. Her family told her that whatever her decision was that they would support her. She has never had an abortion, thank God. Her heart is very open to listen to us, but she is stressed, overwhelmed and afraid. Her own father will not support her and will push her to have the abortion. She fears the father of her children will leave her to raise all her children alone if she doesn't kill her baby. She needs your prayers for strength.

Mary and Josh: 
Parents of Joselyn 4, Heyden 1 and Jaxen 4 months.
Josh struggles with keeping a job. Mary is back in school to finish a bachelors in Criminal Justice. They received an eviction noticed this past Friday. Josh never finished a GED, he is not capable of keeping a job and does his best at working with his dad as a mechanic or doing roofing or yard work with friends to pay for rent and utilities to keep his family stable. They have bad credit, and will be impossible for them to find a place to live. Please pray for them and for us to find the best way to help this family. It is important to help Mary finish her degree, and having a stable and safe place for her children is a priority.

Shalonda M.,
She has two older children. She lost her fiancĂ© 3 year ago and then lost her apartment, job, etc. She lived in a hotel for a few months, but now seems to be staying at her sister's for a short period of time. Her unborn baby is 17 weeks old and has an appointment for an abortion tomorrow morning. We have been talking to her and offering all the help we can. Her boyfriend offered to pay for half the abortion fee and to drive her tomorrow. He is putting a lot of pressure on her and she is not very stable emotionally or physically. We need to pray for a miracle here! That she sees her baby as a gift from God, that she can trust that we will help her. That she can stay away from the pressure of her  boyfriend and family.

Well, pray for all of our mothers, they all struggle one way or another, some more than others.

God bless you all and thank you for all your support. We couldn't do it without you.


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  1. Sorry to hear you are ill. I'll pray for you. Also will pray for this moms who are struggling and thinking abortion is a way out of some of their struggles. God bless. ~ Fran