Saturday, June 14, 2014

7 Slow Takes Saturday

I never could understand the 7 Quick Takes Friday posts by bloggers, especially when some of them seemed double the length of their usual posts.  I tend not to post on Fridays because there always seems to be something going on, hence this Slow Takes Saturday post.

1.      Thursday night at the caregiver’s support group meeting we had a newbie show up, late.  He apologized, saying he had to get there, even if late, because he was so stressed out caring for his mom, who had dementia.  Recognizing his need first, we asked him what he was doing for himself to handle the stress.  “Well, if I hadn’t come here tonight, I’d be doing what I do most nights at this time, drinking myself to sleep.”  We, and he, had lots to talk about.  His presence was a reminder to all present how we once were --- confident we could handle things, alone. 

This blog is titled “Do Not Be Anxious,” to tell you, and remind myself, never to sit home in anxiety and worry.  There is ALWAYS someone willing to listen, and to help.  You are never alone.

2.      In this anniversary month of mom’s death, I did a reading yesterday of the posts I had labeled “My Life,” and found that reading these old thoughts was a very good thing, reminding me of MY stresses in caring for mom, and of the blessings.  I shall do that more often.

3.      Last night I helped man the United Way booth during the Friday night free “Concert in the Park” in downtown Plymouth --- and froze my butt off!!!  There was great 60 – 80’s rock music, true, but there were also lots of blankets, hoodies, kids, dogs, a weird Elvis impersonator, and temps in the 50’s with a 20 mph wind.  It was great fun for the 500 or so people braving the cold night, but I put the heater on in my car on the way home.

4.      After a couple glasses of wine to further warm me up, bed seemed like a fine idea, but then I woke at 3AM from a dream, wide awake.  I went downstairs and, with nothing but ads on television, switched to look at available re-runs, choosing an NCIS oldie at random.  It was the episode where Gibbs learns his dad is dead, and re-lives memories.  What a great blessing to watch that one, and be reminded of memories of my dad, on this Father’s Day Weekend.

5.      My duck FINALLY hatched her brood of ducklings.  I saw them marching around the yard one afternoon, the duckling heads just barely above the long grass.  I made a point to watch closely as I cut the grass a couple of days later, but I never saw them again. 

6.      These past days saw me attend graduation celebrations of three of my Godchildren, two graduating Summa from college, and the one from high school telling me that she won a full ride soccer scholarship at Grand Valley State, a fine college.  And today my Goddaughter niece, who finished college, ah, quite a while ago, turns past another decade number, which shall be un-named (but it’s half way to 100, which I hope she at least lives to.)  She called me to laugh and say she received the black rose arrangement I sent her.  Ha, ha.  (But I recognized that laugh; it’s the “I’m thinking” laugh, as she plots what to do for MY next birthday.  Do you think I shouldn’t have told the florist to delay sending the nice arrangement for a couple of hours, “so she can stew on the black ones a while?”  Oh well, I hope she likes them also ---- soon.  Ha, ha.)
They are all fine individuals, and I love them all.

7.      And the local nursery completed the planting of mom’s memorial garden plot, in downtown Plymouth, with lots of purple, of course.  It looks a little sparse right now, but it will fill in when the flowers grow and bloom as they age, as she did.

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