Thursday, July 31, 2014

This Summer Blows

Driving down South last week, I gasped through temperatures in the mid-90’s.  Returning North this week, we’ve seen temps down into the mid- 40’s, and I’m digging out my sweatshirts.
Looking out into the garden yesterday, my tomato plants have tomatoes that are so dark green --- not anywhere near turning red --- that I think the plants think it’s early June, with lots of summer days left.  Meanwhile in the center of the yard, the big old maple tree has leaves that are turning colors; it thinks it’s mid October, and so I might find myself raking leaves pretty soon.
But it was this sign which I saw on the way home from Night Prayers tonight which really “summer”-izes my thoughts:

And so when I saw the temp was 81 outside, I threw the Beachboys on the CD player, turned up the volume, and stopped to buy a hot fudge sundae for dinner. 
Hey!  Let's pretend today’s Friday, then I couldn’t eat any meat anyway, right?!  (but let's not tell my personal trainer about this little stop). 

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