Friday, August 8, 2014

Nazarene! Marked For Death

This is the Arabic Letter “N.”  It is being marked on doors of Iraqi Christians
designating them to convert or die. 
You can read the story by Fr. Steve in the Our Lady of Good Counsel
August 3 Bulletin here: 
or you can read the article by the blogger Elizabeth Scalia here:

I just arrived home from a prayer and adoration vigil at Our Lady of Good Counsel for the Christians in the Middle East.  It was a good prayer time, attended by about 100 people.  At the end, Fr. Steve announced that one of the people present had printed up some bumper stickers, with the above symbol on it.  They are meant to show our unity with Christians around the world, our willing to be noticed --- and marked.
I thought that was a wonderful idea, and put my bumper sticker on before I left the parking lot.  I dropped off others to friends.   More will be printed for distribution to the parish on Sunday.  The mass and the Eucharist are visible signs in the church that we are together, in Christ.  This bumper sticker is for the world to see the same message. 
I like that.

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