Thursday, October 16, 2014

Review: The Accidental Marriage

I think you will like this book; you should buy it.  I want that to be clear. 
It is a book with a message and it is very well put.  It brings out perspectives on the real meaning of friendship and commitment, and considerations on the gay lifestyle which are not readily considered.
However … I probably am not like you.  I read many, many novels each year, and as such have a basis for comparisons.  From MY point of view, this book lacks some of the fullness of a well designed novel:  in particular, sub-plots.  I readily saw where the story was going in this book and became a little bored along the way.  It was a fast read.  It is well written and the concluding chapters, in particular, caused you to really think about the message being conveyed, but as a book it was more like a long short-story, rather than a novel.
This is an excellent introduction to the writings of Mr. Thomas.  I hope he writes more novels.  He has much potential.

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