Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Long Way Home

As I left the church parking lot after Sunday mass, I gazed into the sun and the large expanse of blue sky above.  I considered if I should stop for breakfast, and where, but checking my stomach’s thoughts on the matter I realized I was not hungry.  I thought about the tasks I planned for the day: reading the morning paper, the weekly raking of leaves this afternoon, the taking out of the trash, perhaps some reading and/or exercise, and then the day’s closing prayer time.  I saw nothing unusual there, nothing important, and nothing of particular interest in the hours ahead.  As I drove, I noticed the streetlight up ahead, a long green light for this main highway, and then for some reason I considered the long red which simultaneously shone on the little-traveled cross street. 
And then I put my turn indicator on, and turned onto the long way home, down that quiet byway.
I’m not sure if it really is longer mileage-wise, but I knew the 20-minute ride home would turn into a 45 minute one --- but I felt no reason to hurry this morning.  My usual drive’s 55mph speed limit (where everyone did 65) was 30 on the dirt road in front of me, and with no one behind me I could do 25 if I wanted. 
I passed through an area of dense trees, and saw little dirt roads going off on either side to hidden homes.  After a while the scenery turned to farmland, with open fields and ponds.  The ducks and geese gathered together in some, and in some of the fields wandered horses, with some little foals traveling behind.  And I waved to the cows.
I saw new mansions and homes built in the 1800’s; estates and hovels.  I saw expanses of lawns, and piles of old rusting farm equipment.  And I saw some farmers on their tractors, working out in their fields, hauling in the last of their crops or tilling the land in preparation for the winter.  I saw the large old home, and the small headstones which stood in its yard; generations have lived and died there. 
I saw God’s creation in all its glory this Sunday morning, as I traveled the long way home.
I felt a great peace as I reached the paved roads again near my house.  I had left church thinking there was nothing important to do this day, but I had already done something important.  I wanted to document it here and now, for those days when peace would not come.  I wanted to write a reminder to myself that God is not just in his church, and not just in the adoration chapel I find so much peace in.  Genesis tells us He created this earth for man; and on a bright sunny fall day, with the beautiful colors all about, we can fully appreciate this gift.
Perhaps I’ll take a drive to a park or nature preserve this afternoon and take some bread to feed the ducks, and just sit and enjoy the world created for me. 
I am so blessed.
And so are you.

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