Monday, December 8, 2014

Let The Christmas Thoughts Begin!

It’s been a week since I got back from Arizona; the bags are unpacked; the clothes are washed, and a series of meetings I had set up are over.
And I received my first Christmas card. 
I guess it’s time.
I set out two Advent candles on Sunday in a couple of silver candlestick holders --- I wonder where the Advent candle holder is among the decorations in the basement?  I went to see A Christmas Carol play on Saturday.  (If you are within a couple of hundred miles of Detroit you MUST go see this play at Oakland University; it is outstanding!!  Great singing, great costumes, great staging, and great special effects --- it makes you so happy --- and yeh, I cried in happiness at the end, again.)  And on Sunday I made a list of all the things I must begin to do:  today.
A friend said she’d come over and help me put up my Christmas tree and decorations on Wednesday.  I had some vague thoughts about skipping the work this year, but a: “No!  You’re not going to do that!” changed my mind.
After coffee with friends at the local Panera’s this morning, I walked through the park in the center of town.  Christmas trees are everywhere, decorated in honor of deceased loved ones.  Some companies and organizations also put up and decorated trees there in honor of those they serve.  And the local newspaper has a large Holiday Helping Hand ad in the weekend edition, noting that donations of food and new winter wear will get you discounts at all the downtown eateries.  And this Thursday night is designated as a Christmas in Plymouth night, for shopping and dining downtown.  To me, that means Christmas music in the stores, along with apple cider and munchies.  It is a small town America unique experience which I love, but will unfortunately miss, because Second Thursday nights are my caregiver’s support group meetings, something also unique about small towns:  people care about one another.
I dug out my pile of Christmas CDs last night, and on the way to and from mass this morning listened to Andrea Bocelli’s My Christmas album.  I think it’s the only CD I ever reviewed here (  And that too made me cry.
I guess I’m getting in the Christmas mood.

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  1. Christmas music is what gets me in the Christmas spirit every year.
    Great ramblings! x

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