Wednesday, April 15, 2015

God's Children

I had just entered the chapel and begun my nightly rosary, when the little children filed in --- the VERY little children.  There were perhaps twenty-five or so, and two adults.  The children were, I would guess, four or five years old.
As they entered, some walked across the room, passing in front of the altar and monstrance there, focused on finding a good seat.  Others found a chair and searched for something to look at, a book to read, or perhaps pictures to look at, if they could not read.  And a goodly number of the children knelt down, put their hands together, and stared at the altar, praying.  And two went face down, stretched out on the floor before the altar --- obviously imitating a parent they had seen pray in this way.
And all were totally silent.
After looking at their entry and positioning, I myself looked up at the altar, and I wondered:  “What are You thinking of this display which just appeared before You?”  And as if in answer to my silent question I felt I could see God smiling:  these were His children.
After about 5 minutes, the adults stood up and without a sound headed toward the doors, and the children seeing them, silently followed.
I reflected a bit on what I had seen.  And after I thought about it, I surmised that perhaps that this event images how God sees us all.  Some of the children seemed deeply in wonder and awe at His presence, some were trying to pray as best as they know how, and some seemingly were unaware of His presence --- even though they were surely told that He was there.  That’s probably the view God has of us, too, and how we treat Him.
But I had this perception when the kids were there that regardless of the perfection of their love, He loved them all.  In a way, at that moment I know I did too.  I mean, they were kids, how could you not love them?
And, I guess, relative to his great majesty --- and mercy --- that’s how He feels about us.
That’s a good thing to remember, especially on those days when we don’t feel that “love-able”.  We’re just His kids, His family.  How could He not love us?


  1. Beautiful reflection! Thank you.

  2. Thanks for your kind comment, Julie. I hope all is well this beautiful Spring day with you and yours.

    If you glance at some of my recent posts you'll note that kids seem to be around me a lot lately, gathering, stopping by me, talking to me, hugging me. It's like I've suddenly had a big sign pasted on my head: This Guy Gives Out Popsicles! (I think that's how my neighbor's kids see me). It very good, but a little unusual also. I wonder what God is trying to tell me.

  3. Tom, what an inspiration for me. Thanks for posting that. We can learn so much from the little children. It's such an encouragement to know that there are parents out there doing a great job..

    1. And you know that I think YOU are an inspiration for me. I am so blessed that my parish is SO Catholic, as is the neighboring one where the above event took place; I do adoration nights at both parishes. The local parish has an elementary school, and my parish has large families, about 20% of which home school.

      I pray you and Clinton are well, and perhaps getting out to enjoy some of the warmer weather. It's 77 here right now; I just returned from afternoon mass, and it is glorious out. I ventured out into the yard for the first time, and spent a few hours cleaning out the dead plants from last year ---- and I was beat! Could I be getting old??