Sunday, September 6, 2015

Jesus Was Human, So He Worked Miracles

Jesus did not want people to spread the word of His miracles; He told those He healed to be silent.  He had fear they’d focus on the miracles, but He wanted them to focus on His words, to understand His teachings.  He knew working miracles would distract people from this mission, but he couldn’t help Himself --- He was human, and so on seeing suffering, He had to work miracles!
How often do we see or hear uncommon events and the events themselves then become our focus?  We marvel at an accomplishment, but we fail to consider HOW it was accomplished, or more importantly:  WHY.
Jesus worked miracles:  HOW?  Because He was God.  WHY?  Despite the fact that it would distract from His mission, He did so because He loved us so much.
A man climbs Mount Everest; another chooses to live in a garbage dump among the poor; and yet another spends his days in a dark chapel in prayer, unseen by anyone.  We see or hear of these people, and we take their picture; we text or Tweet about them: “Wow!  Look at this!”  And for a few brief moments we marvel at what we see.
Jesus knew us as we are:  we are flighty; we are fickle.  A marvel captures our attention; we talk about it, and then we quickly move on.  “Nice entertainment,” we say --- and then we look for more.  But Jesus knew He HAD so much more:  not just a moment’s entertainment, but eternal Joy.
If only the people would listen; if only they would think.  If only they would not only see what was happening around them, but ask HOW and WHY.
Why did the man climb Everest?  Why did one man dedicate his life to the poor, and another to God?  Why?  These things weren’t done for entertainment, for fleeting happiness.  Why did they do them?
Study the man who accomplishes big things, read about him, and talk to him.  Consider his reasons why, what he values more than entertainment ---- and ask why.  Think and know his bigger purpose, and then ask yourself:  What is my big purpose?
Study Jesus; read about Him; and talk to Him.  Why did He do and say as He did?  He could have attracted people with entertainment; He could have demanded rulers care for His people; He could have BEEN the ruler the world.  Why didn’t He?  Think and know His bigger purpose, and then quietly ask yourself:  What is my bigger purpose?
Jesus was human, so He worked miracles.  What big thing are you willing to do for love?
Unfortunately, although many people were willing to
be cured by Him, few were willing to suffer with Him.
-- The Better Part (Mk 7:31-37, P414)

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