Tuesday, December 22, 2015

You Can't Out-Give God

When I got home last night, I was elated and I wrote here of the Christmas Party I threw for the Lord.  And I was still in high spirits this morning when I walked into the local 7-11 --- and heard screams.
I give away books for Christmas.  Of the many I books I read each year, I pick the best and give them to friends at Christmas.  I know of only one person who reads as much as I do (perhaps), and so the books I offer my friends are ones I think would provide value to those who read less.  “If you are going to read anything, read this” is my thought.  And yet, I am aware that there are some people who rarely read a book, and still I would like to remember them at Christmas.  And so I offer the clerks I see nearly every day at the 7-11 and Panera’s greetings and a gift card (this year to Target).
But when I went into the 7-11 yesterday morning for my usual cup of coffee, there was a new clerk behind the counter.  As I handed my long-time friend there (also behind the counter) her Target gift card, I felt a little funny not having anything to offer to the new person.  So I put a bill on the counter and said:  “Pick me out some winning scratch-off lottery tickets.”  And a bit nervously she began tearing off lottery tickets and putting them on the counter:  “People like this one” she said, and “this one seems to be winning a lot lately.”  She was being diligent in her first day on the job.  And when she finished picking out the tickets she took my money --- and I pushed the tickets back to her: “Merry Christmas.  I hope you picked out lucky ones,” I said.  And I left.
As I entered the store this morning, the screams were hers.  She saw me arrive at the store and ran over and --- to my surprise --- hugged me.  “I took the tickets you bought me home yesterday and had my son scratch them off.  ‘Mom!  You won $50’ he told me.  I just came into the store to cash in the winning ticket, but it wasn’t a $50 winner, it was $75.”  Hence, I gathered, the scream of delight as I walked in.  “This,” she said holding up the money, “will help me with my airline ticket to Boston.  Dad died this summer, and I don’t want mom to be alone at Christmas.  Thank you so much!”
My arrival just then was great timing --- on God’s part.
Last night I threw God a party, and this morning He arranged to give me a gift --- and a hug.  You can’t out-give God.
- - - - - - - - - -
Well, even if I can’t out-give Him, I can still give.  Tomorrow I’ll take that beautiful huge poinsettia plant a friend sent me to church.  It will become part of the decorations on the altar on Christmas Day.
I hope Jesus likes it as much as I did when I received it --- and I hope He doesn’t think of it as a “re-gifting.”  : - )

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