Friday, January 8, 2016

Why I Am God

I am not a political animal, worried about political things all the time.  I wanted to note that, so that a wrong impression isn’t given, as I write this, my second political/culture-related post in a row.
While riding around just now, I was listening to the Laura Ingram radio show and she had a guest on who said something in what I thought were just the right words.  Part of my reason for writing these postings is to record what I believe are God-given insights to me that I want to give praise for, and remember.  And sometimes He speaks through others.
The guest was speaking about the increasing numbers of “diversity” classes being offered in colleges, and even majors in some areas of focus.  So there are classes on women’s empowerment, black culture or history, Jewish culture, Gay identity, etc., etc., etc..  In commenting about these new offerings the guest said something to the effect that “these classes are certainly permissible, the First Amendment says so, however … I would like to see them offered with the stipulation that women may not take women’s women-focus classes, nor blacks black-focus classes, etc.  If these are truly classes of diversity-learning in our colleges, then they should be teaching diversity to others not of that understanding.  What I suspect, however, is that these classes are by and for select groups which say to them: ‘Here’s why you are right in your thinking, and everyone else is wrong.’  I suspect there is nothing critical said about the topic in these classes; they are ‘feel-good-about-yourself and your opinion’ classes.  We don’t need more such classes telling young people that everyone but you is wrong.  This does not bode well for the future of our country, or the world.  These are classes to boost egos and promote narcissism, so people feel good about proclaiming ‘Why I am God,’ and you are not” --- and why I have the right to say that, and you have no right to disagree.
Perhaps this man is wrong in his assumptions; I suspect he never took any of those class offerings, but I had the same feelings when I worked at Ford Motor Company where there were various diversity groups sponsored by the Company.  They typically were groups of like-minded people wanting to convince themselves – and the few others who might drop by their meetings – why they were gods in their views and/or cultures.  I never saw the value of that.  Perhaps I was and am wrong about these matters; I know I am not God.
I was happy to hear my thoughts explained this afternoon, in words that say how I perceive things.  (No, please don’t comment that I am –phobic or a hater of anything; I am not.  I too have First Amendment rights --- for now.)

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