Saturday, February 6, 2016

Prayer is Exciting!

I was reading in The Better Part how Jesus and His disciples went off to pray.  They needed “to complement their activity with contemplation … dialogue with the Lord.  Without prayer and study and time alone with God, our well will soon run dry --- we will have nothing substantial to offer others.”
And I saw again, the importance of quiet prayer.  Without contemplation, reading, study, and new insights into God’s truth --- which He will show us in Scripture, or perhaps through the inspired words of His followers, or maybe even through direct inspiration of His Holy Spirit --- without these new insights we will have nothing new which we can excitedly explain to others!
I’ve reflected on complacency in recent days, and I saw it again in a new light today.  We must continue to grow in faith, in prayer, so we can ourselves become excited with the new insights we receive, so we can want to share those insights with excitement to others.  Those are the words I write in this blog, ones which excite me.  Those are the words I share in Bible study with friends.  Those are the words and actions of my life that others see.
If we just read the same-ol’, same-ol’, if we just preach the same-ol’, same-ol’, of course people will be bored listening --- and we’ll be bored preaching, or praying.  And we will stop.
Prayer and work (growth) --- such was Christ’s way, and such should be every Christian’s way.”

Lord, You are always thinking of others’ needs --- mine included.  My heart tends to center on my own needs.  But I know you can continue to change me.  Keep teaching me, Lord.  Keep making my heart more like yours, meek, humble, generous, and willing to give my life for the sake of your kingdom. 
            --- The Better Part, p403


  1. Thank you for reminding me to pick up my Bible and make some quiet time to read it!

    1. And if you find yourself not "getting it" from the Bible, pick up an inspirational Bible-support reading, such as The Better Part. I have found nothing quite like this book for opening my mind and heart to what the Lord is trying to say to me in His Word -- a fact repeated to me just today by a friend as I picked her up at the airport and returned her home. It is a bit of an expensive book, but if you are kept from it by the price, just email me your address, and I'll be happy to have Amazon drop you a copy.