Sunday, March 27, 2016

Just So You Know ...

There are some things which are so important in life that we need to jot them down, so we don’t ever forget.  With that thought in mind, I note this important fact for myself and in case any of the handful of people who would read this blog should ever visit my home.
I create and give the neighbor children Easter baskets each year.  There is usually some age-appropriate book about Easter, along with the usual pile of various candies and chocolate eggs, all wrapped with a bow.  Oh, and there’s always a few Milkbones for the dogs --- can’t forget them either.  This year I included a large pink bunny in Tyler and Riley’s basket.
There was a knock on the door, and then the doorbell was rung.  As I rushed to see who was there, I thought it had been a delivery man, since I saw no one through the glass as I approached.  But when I opened the door and looked down, there were Tyler and Riley.  They wanted to thank me for the Easter basket and candy.  “I like the marshmallows!”  I asked if the dog liked his bones --- “They’re gone,” they said.  I then asked them to please save a piece of their candies for mom and dad.  “Dad already ate his,” said Tyler. 
And then they had turned to go, when Riley turned back to me and smiling said:  “Just so you know, the bunny’s name is Hop-Hop.”
Just so you know … 

Hope you have a very blessed Easter season.
            - - - - - - - - - -
Oh, one other thing to note, I guess.  At mass this morning, before the gospel, the entire church proclaimed the praises of Alleluia.  The loud enthusiasm of the crowd echoed throughout the church, and the noise had not yet quieted down when there was heard one further sound of praise.  It was the voice of a small child, which said loudly and clearly:  “Yaaaayyyyyy!”

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  1. :-)

    Happy Easter. He is Risen. Truly, He is Risen. Alleluia!

    (Just so you know.... :-) )