Saturday, March 26, 2016

Lenten Meditations

I just finished watching the third of my three annual Lenten movies, Saving Private Ryan.  I guess the timing is right, on this Holy Saturday evening.  I watched the other two movies, I am David and The Passion, with friends earlier this Holy Week.
As the years pass, I appreciate the beauty of these movies more and more deeply.  They are movies of life and death --- much, much, much death.  They are movies depicting the many hardships of life, the horrible decision we must sometimes make, and even sometimes, who we must die for.  And yet despite this focus on the hardships of life, at the end of each movie is tears, yet they are tears of happiness, for a life well lived. 
None of the movies does much in the way of showing of what our culture defines as happiness in life; I guess that’s because we focus so much on that definition of happiness that we don’t need any reminders.  No, we need movies such as these to remind us of the value of the difficulties of life, and how each life is important.  And we need to see how in each movie someone is willingly giving up their life for another.  Life, something so important, yet we see someone willing to give it up for another.
I thank God for His sacrifice, which helps me make sense out of these movies, and of my life.  Each of the movies shows that one life is only important if it affects other lives, and by itself each life is only someone alone.  We exist not for ourselves and our happiness, but to make the world and other lives better.  We exist to make a difference.
Why does it take so many years to come to that realization?
I look forward to my Easter.  

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