Saturday, April 9, 2016

Review: A Friar's Tale

Did you ever wish you could hear a loved one’s voice again?  Did you ever wish you had a recording of them speaking to you?  Oh, I don’t mean a record you or someone else made of
some party or a video of some celebrations with friends, but real one-to-one of someone you held dear speaking to you and you alone.  Did you ever wish you felt your loved one at your side, speaking softly, privately to you again?
When I read this book, I heard Fr. Groeschel speaking to me.  And it felt so very good.

In this book, I loved hearing Fr. Benedict's reflections as he looked back, in his final days and moments, on some of the events and people who mattered in his life, important things, things he would never forget.  Looking back, he was at peace, as he saw God’s helping hand in those important moments.  But there was sometimes also sadness in his voice, as he spoke regretfully about some of the people he wished he could have helped more.  I understand those feelings.  As Fr Groeshel speaks in this book, I can hear in my heart his distinctive accent, and see his smiling face, the twinkle in his eye, as he cracks one of his wry jokes. 

Oh yes, as I read this book, I heard Fr. Benedict’s voice again.

I’m not sure everyone will like this book.  If you want to take advantage of Fr. Groeschel’s outstanding philosophy, wisdom and faith, most any of his other books would serve you well.  But if you knew the man even at a distance, if you knew the man, you will love this book.  It talks to you.  And it is so good to hear his voice again.

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