Sunday, May 22, 2016

If It Walks Like a Duck, Quacks Like a Duck, Is It God?

I read in a homily by Fr. Robert Barron (in his book, Vibrant Paradoxes) that for the first time ever agnostics and atheists outnumbered Christians and Jews in the freshman class at Harvard.  Harvard University was originally founded for religious purposes, but it appears the upcoming self-proclaimed American aristocracy doesn’t consider God as a part of their life --- or any life.
This, they say in their self-proclaimed freedom to say and do anything, they know.  For them freedom has emerged as their ultimate good and their object of worship.  And in their freedom they can do and say as they wish, defining their existence to be what they want it to be, even beyond any scientific evidence:  I am a man because I say I am, or I am a woman because I say I am.  In a way, moving beyond what the scientific method can prove, these people have moved into the realm of what they deny --- the spiritual.  And in this realm they believe whatever they say or think is truth IS truth. 
Mankind has always had a word for those who act and talk like this in the spiritual realm:  they are called gods.
Fr. Barron notes that “If there is no God (other than ourselves) then our lives do indeed belong to us, and (they) have no meaning or transcendent purpose.”  Or value.  And so assisted suicide, or the killing of those who are without the mental or physical standard we’ve set --- in “truth” --- makes perfect sense, and we are free to do it.
“The incoming freshman class at Harvard is a disturbing omen indeed,” says Fr. Barron.

It’s so sad that after all these years it appears we still yearn for the Garden of Eden, where we think we’ve gained the knowledge of good and evil, without listening to the Word of God.

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