Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Please Pray For Joe (knot)

God often has a purpose for me, and often I ignore it.  So I am not surprised when on occasion He is rather firm so that I can’t ignore Him.
I think last night may have been one of those nights.
I was going to have a bit of a nip of some liquor, just to take the edge off mind you, and help me nap a bit before my late night adoration hour.  But first I was going to take something out of the freezer for dinner tomorrow.  And as I opened the freezer door --- plop! --- the last bit of a quart of ice cream fell out onto the floor.
“Well, God, I guess You wish me to eat this very good ice cream instead of having a drink.  Okay, I shall.”  And so I did.  It was wonderful!  It really hit the spot.
However, …
It wasn’t twenty minutes later when the call of alcohol got a bit loud and so I answered.  And then perhaps I answered a bit more.  And so I went to sleep --- soundly; it too was wonderful!
Until, that is, the timer went off in the kitchen and I suddenly awoke, finding myself crashed on the couch.  Ooof!  And then I took a couple of aspirin and headed out to the chapel ---with a stop for coffee along the way, of course.
As I entered the chapel and sat down, I reached in my pocket for my rosary.  Oops!  In my waking haze I guess I had forgotten to take it off the kitchen table.  So I went over and reached into the basket on the chapel bookcase, where there was ALWAYS a half dozen or more rosaries, and --- the basket was empty.  And that's when I looked up at the monstrance and the host on the chapel altar.  “Okay, Lord, are you telling me something here?”  And my silent thoughts guiltily went to an “Okay, I’m sorry I had that drink,” but then I noticed a pretty blue rosary just sitting there on one of the chairs.  And so I picked it up.
The rosary had a white silk ribbon tied to it, on which someone had written some words.  Again I glanced up at the monstrance.  I guess this too must be part of God’s plan for tonight, I thought.  And with the lead up of all these “coincidences” I thought perhaps this plan of His must be important. 
On the ribbon was printed a request for prayers. And with that apparent importance in mind, I now ask your prayers also for the intention that was printed there:
(I’m sure God will understand).

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