Saturday, September 3, 2016

The Luminous Mysteries

It’s taken years for me to write these rosary meditations on the Luminous Mysteries.  First proposed by Pope John Paul II, it was when I was reading a book recently about his life that these meditations came to me.  I’d like to think he had a part in opening my heart.  And yours?

The Luminous Mysteries
1.       The Baptism in the Jordan (Mt 3:13-17)
-  Cleanse my heart, O Lord.  Wash me, and I shall be clean.
-  John ate locusts in the desert; I trust You will always feed my needs.
-  John’s was a cry in the wilderness, mine is only a quiet prayer.
-  I too must prepare the way of the Lord – for others to walk.
-  John’s purpose was to preach and baptize.  Show me mine, Lord.
-  Jesus came to John, and He often comes to me.  Help me to see You, Lord.
-  I need you.  Me?  Lord, I am not worthy.
-  The Spirit descended on God’s Son.
-  And the Father was pleased.
-  Lord, show me Your Light; send me Your Spirit.

2.      The Marriage Feast at Cana (Jn 2:1-12)
-  The mother of Jesus, Mary, was there --- it all started with her.
-  Jesus was invited to be present.  Do I invite You into my life, Lord?
-  Please be with me, especially when I need You.
-  The wine failed.  When I fail, Lord have mercy.
-  “Do whatever He tells you” – Mary said this reminder for me, too.
-  He ordered the servants to do His will.  I pray, Lord, ask me.
-  Big changes:  at Cana, the Last Supper, and the Mass.  And in me?
-  The last wine was best.  It is not too late; He can help me to change.
-  And his disciples believed.
-  Lord, be a Light in my darkness.

3.      The Call to Conversion  (Lk 7:48-49)
-  Hear My words.  He said it clearly and bluntly:  I need to listen.
-  I need to read; “By Your word, give me light”
(Ps 119),
-  I need to speak to Him in prayer.
-  I need to listen.
-  These things are only begin the foundation, a start to my ongoing conversion.
-  Then I need to act when He calls.
-  Every person I meet may be You in disguise, calling, needing me.
-  Be prepared!  He will come again when you least expect.
-  Lord, prepare my heart.
-  Be my rock.

4.       The Transfiguration  (Mt 17: 1-8)
He took His friends with Him.  I must never forget mine.
-  He showed us who He really was.  Does anyone really know me?
-  And He shone like the sun.  Lord, am I a light in this world?
-  The saints spoke to Him.  There is still much for me to learn.
-  His apostles became confused; He loved them anyway.
-  Then the Father spoke:  Listen to Him!
 -  And they fell on their faces in awe; Our God is an awesome God.
-  Do I consider You with the respect and attention You deserve?
-  Suddenly Jesus was alone again --- it was quiet.
-  Sometimes You seem so ordinary; Lord, help me see Your Light.

5.  The Institution of the Eucharist   (Mt 26: 26-28)
-  “He blessed, broke, and gave it.”  And He still does.
     -  “Take, eat, This is My Body.”
     -  “My Blood of the New Covenant.” This is a promise to His family --- me.
     -  He is my food; He gives me life.
     -  We are one with Him; in This, His Church.
     -  Why do I think I am alone?
     -  “I will be with you always,” He promised.
     -  He waits: in the church, in the chapel, in the quiet.  He waits for me.
     -  Oh come, let us adore Him!
     -  Lord, fill me with Your Light!!

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