Friday, November 25, 2016

Remembering Thanks

That title is NOT an error; it was not supposed to read: “Remembering to give thanks.”  No, this is just a short post to recall ---- well, what I recalled.
I had thoughts about Thanksgiving yesterday, and again this morning.  I could have written of so many things, but I was forcing thoughts.  And so instead I went to my blog and, scrolling down the sidebar, I saw the list of “Labels” I had used on prior postings.  And then I scrolled down to the label titled:  Thanksgiving.
There were 17 prior postings with the Thanksgiving label.  I clicked on the label name and the 17 postings appeared in order on my screen.  I took about an hour to read them all, one after another. 
And now I sincerely gave thanks, for the memories of my thanks of prior years.  This is the best posting I could have made this day (and time I could have spent), and a good thing for you to do also if you’d take the time.  And the last posting was, I believe, the best.  (Isn’t it always that way?)
I hope you had a blessed and peaceful Thanksgiving Day --- and if you didn’t really pause to give sincere thanks, well, take some time now to read and reflect on how really blessed you are.

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