Monday, November 14, 2016

Review: Resurrecting the Idea of a Christian Society

“Why are you so stupid?”  That seems to be the question, these days, which half of our country is asking of the other half --- and not waiting for an answer, because:  THEY KNOW.  And so they riot in the streets, wanting to get their way.  Much of the country assumes it knows the truth of matters (and the other half doesn’t) and it never applies any logic to that assumption, like:  Is it logical that half the country, many of which are better educated than us, many of which have higher IQ’s than us, and many of which are more caring people than us, is it logical to assume that half the country, all these high-functioning people, are stupid?
Mr. Reno delves into the facts about our country --- without making assumptions about intelligence.  He points out , with facts, how most of the social changes in recent years have been brought about by an elite group of people who want to have the unfettered freedom to do what they want, with no laws or religion restricting their freedom.  And the courts have found new reasons to back their desired freedoms to do what they want.  In digging through the results of those new freedoms, however, Mr. Reno found that they have had little impact on the lives of these elites, as their close-knit communities and family ties kept their children and families in line --- so they could continue to get into Harvard and Yale, and continue to make more money, and continue to rise to the elite political leadership positions of our country.  They have their freedoms --- and they manage to live quite well with them.
But then Mr. Reno looks at the bottom third of our country, and here the data shows a different story.  They too now have these new freedoms, but they have no close-knit communities, they have no intact families or churches --- they have no support groups to help them manage these freedoms with any sort of limits.  And their lives have become a living hell. 
This is a book every American who says he wants to bring our country together again should read.  We need to stop calling others stupid, and make sure we are not.  Data-driven, it shows what is tearing us apart.  With facts, Mr. Reno shows that it is not a money problem --- a $15/hr minimum wage will make no difference; the problems faced by the bottom third of our country are not money problems; they are moral problems.  With no moderating influences of family, religion, or community, the plight of many in the country is bordering on despair, and so it may seem natural for them to turn to the government --- or to anyone --- who says they can help.  But as been pointed out in this recent election campaign, and facts bear out, 50 years of government “help” has not helped, and matters are getting worse.
Mr. Reno gives good reasons for proposing the re-starting of a Christian Society, to re-create the moral underpinnings of our communities, but he makes no bones about it:  This will not be easy, nor will it be fast.  But we do need to understand the problem, and START to do something.  Start by reading this book.  If you care about the poor, if you care about souls, if you care about America, you should read this book.  I have never seen the plight of our country so well explained.

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