Sunday, January 22, 2017

Leaders: Please Lead

It is notable that President Trump took his oath of office on the feast day of Pope Fabian, who is known for seeking unity among Christians and their former persecutors, the Romans.  More than anything, our country needs unity.
Yet, quickly there came large marches on Washington, for abortion and against abortion.  Wouldn’t it be great if those groups met over a drink and said: We need to work things out, for the good of our country.  Perhaps one group could say: “You don’t want babies; we’ll take them.”  Well, maybe that isn’t a practical solution, but certainly talking (and praying) will be more effective than marching.
Protestants and Catholics marched in Ireland, and blacks and whites marched in South Africa, and over decades tens of thousands died.  Marches inflamed passions, but solved nothing.  Finally people opposed to deaths sat down and talked.  Do we need many deaths in this country before we can unify our country?
We have new leaders in Washington.  Leaders, please lead!  If you pledge to vote along party lines today without even knowing what is proposed:  Go Home!  Lay off your staffs, close your offices, go fishing and phone in your vote.  At least we’ll save the country some money.
… as we forgive those who trespass against us …

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