Monday, May 29, 2017

Review: Chance or Purpose?

Cardinal Schonborn recognizes that many stubborn debates occur because two sides do not take the time to fully understand the facts and logic of the other’s position.  As a result, they often come to assume the other person is stupid (we see that today in Congress).  This book lays out the facts and logic of the creation vs evolution debate, and Schonborn shows that
neither side is stupid, and that the heart of the debate rests on whether you believe all material existence is just chance, or is imbued with purpose.  Put another way:  Does your life matter?

While the good Cardinal does spend considerable time explaining the origins and philosophies of the science of evolution, he spends most of the book explaining what is meant by creation --- it is a unique term in the Bible, since everything science measures consists of changes in existing things, but there are no clear measures for anything that is non-material, including creation from nothing, and such things as beauty and virtue.  Schonborn cites many scientists, philosophers and theologians to explain how faith and science SHOULD readily co-exist.

For anyone who is a deist, who believes there is some type of God, Schonborn offers a wonderful concluding point:  “Contrary to reason, to view this grandiose pieta of life up to man as being an exclusively random process (implies that) God himself could not know for certain that man would be the product of evolution --- nonsense!”

This is a good book for college students, and for thinking minds.  (Oh well, I guess that DOES exclude some college students). 

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