Thursday, August 17, 2017

Use Your Talents

Today’s Gospel was the parable of the talents (Mt 25:14-30).  For many years that Gospel bothered me, for I know I am greatly blessed, and I wondered was I yielding enough fruit.  The homily at today’s mass and meditations in The Better Part helped frame that parable a bit differently for me.
First, note that the talents were given by the master in proportion to the servant’s ability.  So, if we apply our abilities there should be no worry about how much we are yielding --- like I worried.  Second, the master set the standard; the one given two yielded two more; the one given five yielded five more.  The Master, God, sets the standard; He does His share, and we need to do ours.  What should we do with the talents He gave us?  All we need do is read the Gospels to see His standards, and do likewise.  He showed us how to live.
A key third point is that the fruit we yield is not for ourselves.  The servant who was chastised was the one who was given one talent and kept it.  He yielded no fruit.  In other words, we would say he was selfish AND he didn’t trust God.  This is the guy who doesn’t study Scripture or pray, because he is busy “with more important things” --- he doesn’t know God or His examples of how to live, how to love, or how to yield fruit from his life ---- to live his life so that it mattered to the world that he was alive.  So often that servant feels so alone.  That servant lived his life focused only on himself.
Sadly, how many we see about us being just like him, and even more sadly, if we see one of those persons in the mirror.

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